I don’t share a lot of my writing, though I’ve been publishing a variety of work for the last twenty years. Most of my work is written under pseudonyms and is not always something I feel comfortable sharing. I’m currently working on more mainstream work and I hope to have more published work to share soon.

Total Systemic Failure – From 24Magazine Issue 3

Dr. Kwang was going into shock and I still wasn’t due to be born for another five hours.

The stark white and gray of the room—the whole world, for all I knew—only had two real breaks in its smooth minimalist perfection: the puddle of muddy green and brown vomit in the corner, and the bright red splash of blood that bloomed at Dr. Kwang’s mouth and pooled in a vivid circle on the ground in front of me

The Man in the Gray Suit

Katherine had been looking for a cure for the curse since Chicago. Everywhere she went, she was told she needed to find “the man in the gray suit.” The first time Katherine heard about this man was when she met with a soothsayer in Calgary, a strange shriveled fellow...

The Squeaky Floorboard

Write a story. Don’t think about it, just write. Title it "The Squeaky Floorboard." It's about a woman who wakes up next to a man she occasionally sleeps with. She doesn't like the fact that she sleeps with him. She wakes up early one morning and finds something under...